How Often Should You Work Out?
How Many Days a Week Should You Work out to get the best result ?

How Often Should You Work Out?

Some people say 3 days a week, some others say 4, etc….

I know it’s a common question “How Many Days a Week Should You Work out to get the best result? “

There is no special number to work for everyone, and it depends on a lot of factor like :

Your training history and background, gender, genetic, age, your nutrition, how fast your body can recover, what kind of supplement do you take, do you use performance enhancer (PD), what is your current training phase, your job, your NEAT, etc… 

But in general, someone who has not no training background and has not done any serious workout (non-athlete person) should have at least 3 sessions per week workout session at the gym to get a result.

For someone, These 3 sessions/week might be sufficient for a couple of weeks and then gradually increase the volume of workout by add on more weight to the same workout or change routine or increase the sessions ….

In addition to those parameters, genetic has a big impact, for example, me! Amin Ghesmati which I’ve never done any workout and have bad genetic, if I go to the gym every day and train my muscles, not only my muscles wouldn’t grow (hypertrophy), they will shrink (atrophy). 

Because we’re going to the gym to causing microscopic damage to muscle cells, then we come back home (or go somewhere else), eat and sleep to our body can recover those damage, after complete recovery, again we go, damage our muscles …. 

But if my body can not recover it well (it can happen because of a lot of reasons like lack of sleep, bad diet/nutrition, level of hormones, etc) and again I go to the gym and train same uncovered muscle, I put more damage to already damaged muscle, and it would end up to atrophy, exercise fatigue, and a lot more problem.

So, how we can determine how many sessions we should train!

Exactly the trainers are there in gyms to base on their experience and your condition, analyze you and give you some workout to see how do you react and perform then based on your reaction and feedback alter your workout plan or re-plan it.

 Because each individual is different! 

Someone might have a good genetic and just in few weeks show a lot of improvement and for the coach/trainer to change a lot in her/his plan! 

And it happens by working out with a coach over time !! It’s 99% not possible for a coach in the first plan to give you the best one just by seeing your body. IT IS NOT RELATED to the coach’s experience or knowledge at all, because everyone is different!

The coach base on his/her experience and knowledge will analyze your current situation and make a plan which is good for people in your condition then based on your feedback, the coach will correct it and make a new one.

So those athletes who are jumping from one coach to another one will be remaining in the first stage. Exactly that time your coach want to examine your body and know more about your characteristics, you give up and change your coach and again new one needs time to know more about your body but again you give up fast and change your coach … in the end, all the disadvantages go to you only.

To answer this question How Often Should You Work Out ? “

My suggestion is: if you have not done a workout yet, start with 3 sessions/week, slowly, slowly over time your body will adapt to the workout, and you can feel it, just listen to your inner voice, our body talks to us! 

When you gyming and following a particular plan, after few weeks seeing it’s not effective and you don’t get tired like before, you should increase your training weight, if again don’t see anything like if you used to train and get tired for 2 days, but now when you do the same workout but the day after that your body is fully recovered, it’s a sign to show you you should increase your training volume as well as sessions …. 

But exactly how many weeks is this “ few weeks “ !!

It’s very a person to a person. Someone like me might take 2 months and someone else like Jeremy Buendia takes only 2 weeks. Genetic, Nutrition, sleep are the most effective parameters in this regard.

Like someone who sleeps early in night like 10 pm or 11 pm, and get up early in the morning for sure can recover faster and can train better and can have more session in a week, which is cause get better and faster result.

I forget what I was to say….

On other hand the training system is matters!
For example, a person who trains base on one muscle per day must have more sessions per week. Because like I train my chest today, and my chest muscles need recoveries like 24/42/72 … hours base on my training volume and other parameters …

When I train one muscle per day from the day I trained my chest till the next chest day there is a 6-7 days gap! So I can go to the gym every day and train one part of my body and have enough time for the other part to recover.

This is one strategy!

One more strategy is like 2 muscle per day (chest and back, chest and triceps ….  Doesn’t matter) so in a week we get time to train a muscle 2 time and if that muscle get recovered well, we can go to the gym again and hit that muscle again, 

 There are other training systems and strategies like upper body / lower body or push/pull/leg, etc…

All of these factors are depended on whom the trainer wants to design your plan base on the volume workout, system of each workout, your body condition, etc….

So the answer to this question is depending on numerous factors in each person which have to be checked individually.

As long as you get advance, you can increase your session from 3 to 7, the national and international level athlete will train 8 hours or more a day every day because their body reaches that level to handle it.

But start from 3 sessions in a week then base on your body’s reaction increase it. 

And don’t forget if you want to improve, you should increase your workout volume, by being in the same zone you will remain in the same body condition.

Trust your coach and give them time to analyze your body, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and like my video if you like it ….

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