Golden Rule to lose weight or gain it
Golden Rule to lose weight

Golden Rule to lose weight or gain it

Modeling diet | EP 1 | weight loss and build muscle

Everyone can achieve their goal in fitness journey by knowing some basic information about nutrition and food he/she eats every day

Some simple information like 1gr of carbohydrate has 4 calories, 1gr of fat has 9 calories, 1gr of protein hast 4 calorie, 1gr of alcohol has 7 calories, etc…

There is no need to restrict yourself to a small group of food like chicken breast and rice plus broccoli to lose weight. You can eat different type of food you like or you get and keep losing weight and get rid of extra body fat as long as you follow the golden rule “ calorie in VS calorie out “ which I explain it in this video 

in this video you will see :

  • 00:30 difference between a fashion model and fitness model and bodybuilders
  • 1:20 Calories and Macronutrient
  • 1:45 relation between Macro and Calories
  • 2:25 Golden rule to weight loss and weight gain
  • 3:20 what is my diet | Flexible diet | what is it and why?
  • 5:50 sample of calculation for losing 4 kg

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