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The best diet in the world for getting fit is not a diet at all. It’s a lifestyle change. If you are …

How Many Days a Week Should You Work out to get the best result ?

I know it’s a common question “How Many Days a Week Should You Work out to get the best result? " There is no special number to work for everyone, and it depends on a lot of factor like : Your training history and background, gender, genetic, age, your nutrition, how fast your body can recover, what kind of supplement do you take, do you use performance enhancer (PD), what is your current training phase, your job, your NEAT, etc…

workout plan for free

In this video, I show my workout ( push day ) due to the Coronavirus and lockdown in India - Mumbai. it's been 33 days since we are at home and I don't have any access to weight training equipment.

Best supplements for HAIR GROWTH and THICKNESS and preventing HAIR LOSS

In this video, Amin Ghesmati from Persia talks about the best supplements for hair growth and thickness which can protect your hair from hair fall. Amin talks about the supplements which he always uses and saw their results, He talks about Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Omega-3 and fish oil, Biotin, folic acid, Zinc.

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